Small 3/5 surrey bike
3/5 Surrey Bike

Small 3/5 surrey bike fits up to three adults and two children,

16"/18" Wheels,extremely hard wearing ,solid steel frame. 

Hire from £15.00 per hour.                       Electric version £25.00 per hour.

Buy from £1995.00

Medium 4/4 surrey bike
6/8 Surrey Bike

Medium 4/4 surrey bike fits up to four adults and four children.

16"/18 Wheels,extremely hard wearing,solid steel frame.

Hire from £20.00 pound per hour.     Electric version £25.00 per hour.

Buy from £2495.00.

Add £500.00 for the electric version

Large 6/5 surrey bike
9/11 surrey bike

Large 6/5 surrey bike can fit up to six adults and five children.

16"/18" Wheels,exremely hard wearing,solid steel frame.

Buy from £2995.00.